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Emmanuel Georges Furniture is an online contemporary furniture store with warehouses in Chicago, California & Florida. We carry all types
ofcontemporary furniture; Leather Sofas, Fabric sofas, Bedroom sets, Dinning sets, Dinning Chairs, Leather Chairs, Barstools, Ottomans,
Lamps, Home Theater Seats, Accent Chairs, Outdoor Furniture etc. All of our furniture are of superior, and are made from the best materials
available and by the best craftsmen in the trade. We pride ourselves in the quality and the cutting edge design and the elegant styles of our
furniture. Our business philosophy is based on the principle of 'The best customer support is the best business strategy'.


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Leather Sofa Buying Tips

Leather sofas make excellent furniture pieces as they are stylish as well as comfortable. Buying a leather sofa means an investment that would last for the years to come. Leather sofas don’t tear along the joint lines and last for about 3 to 4 times more than fabric sofas. These sofas are superior to fabric sofas in terms of comfort as well. Leather sofas are a must buy item for people having children or pets at their homes. With the matchless level of style, comfort, and robustness, leather sofas are sure to make your home or office look stylish and inviting. Here are some things you can consider before buying leather sofas:

Determine the style and the size of the sofa
Leather sofas are available in a wide array of styles, from the traditional sleeper and recliner to the convertible and contemporary leather sectional sofas. Determine the style of sofa according to your home décor and also keep the dimensions of the room in mind. If your drawing room or living room is large, then small sofas would not fill up the space. On the contrary, if the room is small, then large sofas will make it look cramped.
Color and texture should complement the décor of room
Leather sofas are available in an infinite range of colors and textures. If your room gives a modern look, then you can go for colors like red, yellow, black, brown, tundra sand, olive, cream, tundra purple, etc. You can also go for leather sofas having pigments, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Whatever color and texture you choose, make sure that it goes with the décor of your room.

Check the comfort level of the sofa
Before buying a leather sofa, it is very essential to check the softness of the leather to ensure the comfort level of the sofa. You can check the comfort level by sitting or lying on the sofa. Check if it has an appropriate back angle and also check the depth of the seat. Depending upon your comfort level, decide whether you want arm style sofa or armless sofa. The various arm styles available in leather sofa are curved arms, straight arms, traditionally rolled arms etc.

Buy a leather sofa according to your budget
There are various types of leather sofas available in the market in different price range, look for one that lies within your budget. Budget plays a vital role in choosing a sofa so try to make a purchase after comparing the prices of sofas offered by different stores. After a thorough research, purchase the one that fits all your needs including cost effectiveness, quality and style.

For a wide variety of leather sofas, browse through the online furniture store www.emmanuelgeorges.org. Here you can also buy Le Corbusier chairs, recliners, modern bedroom sets and all types of furniture at reasonable rates.

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